Listed below are some of the finest small and medium market Radio stations in America.  When considering a radio advertising campaign, contact these stations for information on how to put the power of Radio to work for your business.  (Please contact the stations directly).


American Samoa:

Pago Pago – KKHJ-FM (93KHJ)
Pago Pago – WVUV-FM


Jackson – WJGA-FM
McDonough – WKKP-AM


Alton – WBGZ-AM
Clinton – WEZC
Clinton – WHOW-AM/FM
Pana/Taylorville/Shelbyville – WMKR
Shelbyville/Effingham – WSVZ
Taylorville – WTIM-AM/FM
Taylorville/Shelbville – WRAN
Taylorville – WMKR-HD4 (East Hits 96.5)


Emmettsburg – KUYY-FM
Milford – KUQQ-FM
Sheldon – KIWA-AM/FM
Sioux Center – KIHK-FM
Sioux Center – KSOU-AM/FM
Spirit Lake – KUOO-FM
Storm Lake – KAYL-AM/FM
Storm Lake – KKIA-FM


Paducah – WMOK-AM
Paducah – WGKL-FM
Paducah – WREZ-FM
Paducah – WZZL-FM


Ludington – WMOM-FM


Wilmar – KWLM-AM/FM
Wilmar – KQIC-FM
Wilmar – KOLV -FM
Wilmar – KLFN-FM


Clarksdale – WROX-AM/FM
Cleveland – WKXY-FM
Cleveland – WZYQ-FM
Greenwood – WMYQ-FM
Greenville – WIBT-FM
Leland/Greenville – WIQQ-FM
Greenville – WNIX-AM/FM
Indianola – WNLA-AM
Indianola/Greenville – WDTL-FM


Brookfield – KFMZ-FM
Brookfield – KZBK-FM
Cape Girardeau – KAPE-AM/FM
Cape Girardeau – KGMO-FM
Cape Girardeau – KJXX
Cape Girardeau – KREZ-FM
Cape Girardeau – KYRX
Cape Girardeau – WKIB-FM
Clinton – KDKD-AM/FM & KXEA-AM
Macon – KLTI-AM/FM
Miner – KBHI-FM
Moberly – KZZT-FM
Montgomery City – KMCR-FM
Sikeston – KBXB-FM
Sikeston – KRHW-AM/FM

North Carolina:

Highlands – WHLC-FM

North Dakota:

Langdon – KAOC-FM
Langdon – KNDK-AM 

Rhode Island:

Woonsocket – WOON-AM

South Dakota:

Aberdeen – KABD-FM
Aberdeen – KMOM-FM

Martin – WCMT-AM/FM

Pullman – KHTR-FM 
Pullman – KQQQ-AM/FM
Pullman – KQZB-FM


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