There are millions of people who listen to the radio to and from work every day. That being the case, investing in radio ads provides you with a unique opportunity to reach a vastly large number of people. However, it won’t matter if you don’t make your ad appealing to the listeners.

Before you send your ad out on the sound waves, make sure you follow these tips for creating the best radio ad possible.

Choose a Good Voice

When it comes to the narration and dialogue in your radio ad, you need to make sure the person you choose has a strong, clear voice that will best present your message. Choose someone without a regional accent — sorry, New Yorkers and Texans — since this helps appeal to a wider audience and avoid any language confusion.

Have an Attention-Grabbing Opening

If you’re advertising your restaurant, it’s pretty lackluster to open your ad with just your location. What people really want to hear is something that relates to them and peaks their attention — and opening your radio ad with “Want 20% off Sunday brunch?” is something that could do that. Once you have a listener’s attention, you can mention logistics, like your location, later on.

Test Different Versions of Your Ad

Don’t always assume that empathetic or strictly informative radio ads are your best option. Sometimes, slightly aggressive advertisements can have a much larger impact.

For example, if you’re advertising for a car dealership, asking “Do you start each morning screaming at your current car?” or “Is your current ride just downright awful?” can better grab a listener’s attention and be more relatable than just “Are you in the market for a new car?”

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